About Belawan Branch

P.T. Admiral Lines is one of the private Shipping Company which is engaged in Shipping business. The establishment of this Company has a historical summary that begins with the establishment of a shipping company, Which was established according to the news of the Republic of Indonesia of September 20, 1966 Number 26, and the latest State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia dated 11 April 2000 No. 20 additional Number 1970, PT Admiral Lines was officially established on September 20, 1966.

The initial step of the Company was started In 1966 under the name of Ampera Lines Shipping Company with its head office in Jakarta. In its development PT. Admiral Lines open branches throughout Indonesia including in Medan, which is located at Jalan Pelabuhan II No. 8 Belawan.

PT Admiral Lines Medan Branch established since 1975 which is a branch of Ocean Going which categorized according to age.

Company Name  : PT Admiral Lines Belawan

Company Establishment :

  • Soeleman Ardjasasmita No 26 Tgl 20/09/1066
  • Mardjiona, SH Np 13 Tgl 04/07/2012

SIUPAL Number  :  B.XXXIV.434

Branch Manager : Mangasi Hutahaean

Shipping Agency

we have a good relationship with govermment agency such as : the harbor Master, Customs, Quarantine and Immigration in order to accelerate and facilitate the access of the documents required by each fleet.

Our Value

leave your vessel in our capable hands and you will have a fast and efficient turn around. our port agency staff is always ready to lock after your vessel  when calling to Indonesian port. we are always ready to cater to you and owner needs.

we can assit your vessel and crew when calling  to indonesian port to load or discharge or any orther shipping related assistance. we offer 24 hours service and do contact us for further information.

PT Admiral Lines Belawan aims to conduct its business with the highest level of ethical behavior and full compliances with governing low and regulations.

we are believes that it is essential to act with integrity in all activities. to treat all employee and customers in a fair and respectful manner

Our Services

  • Sepecialist to provide harbour tugs
  • As shipping agent for other shipping companies/foreign
  • Owners Protecting Agent (OPA)
  • Custom Clearance
  • Import / Export permit & Services
  • Crew Boat
  • Watchman
  • Shore Base Area
  • Water & Fuel Supply
  • Fender
  • Handle crewing

Contact Us

Jl. Raya Pelabuhan II No 8 Belawan, Medan

North Sumatera, Indonesia

+62 61 6941337

+62 61 6942025

+62 61 6940830  (fax)


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