From the very beginning, since 1966 as a shipping company, PT Admiral Lines has the duty to participate in improving the quality of the welfare of the Navy Soldiers and their families. The duty was carried out by Yayasan Bhumyamca (Bhumyamca Foundation) or Yasbhum, as the largest shareholder of PT Admiral Lines. Yasbhum is one of several foundations owned by the Indonesian Navy and directly led by The Indonesian Navy Chief of Staff, ex officio.

In the long journey of our business (PT Admiral Lines), we continue to strive and improve the quality of our services for all of our customers, in freight transportation services by our own ships, or charter ships. PT Admiral Lines also offering ship agency services for domestic and international shipping vessels. We are offering satellite communication services, that is Accounting Authority IA14, as well.

In providing our services, we are supported by our network (branches and subsidiaries) and supported directly or indirectly by the structural of the Indonesian Navy throughout Indonesia as well. We are improving the quality of professionalism of human resources that manages our organization, through the planned development program.

We have a long experience in providing services to international and domestic shipping companies. We continue in balancing between our services and our rational cost, compared to the quality of services and the safety guarantees that we are offering to all customers. We are keen to develop an open relation with our customers, so the effectiveness and the efficiency of the financing that we offer can be guaranteed.

We continue to strive to be the best in the businesses that we pursue, and develop the possibilities other services that our customer possible needed, as an effort to provide the best services for all customers, all of whom we highly appreciate and respect.

We are here for you and always ready to provide the services that you need. Contact us, we will serve you with our best.

Ir. A. Budiharja Raden, Rear Admiral (Ret.)